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The Advancing School Attendance Program serving Berks and Adams Counties is designed to work with families and youth to increase school attendance and/or participation in career-oriented activities. Specialists work side-by-side with families to identify barriers to school attendance and create goals to increase school attendance. Specialists help students increase their sense of value and belonging to school while increasing parent/guardian’s perception, involvement, communication and monitoring of school.

Description of the Advancing School Attendance Program

As a provider of case management services for children, youth and families, SAM, Inc. has a long history of accessing a variety of supportive resources. Our Advancing School Attendance Program works with families to identify any barriers related to school attendance, determine the student’s and family’s strengths and needs, and work with local resources to improve the likelihood of school success.

Within the SAM Advancing School Attendance Program (ASAP):

  • All school age youth who have been identified as having excessive absences are eligible. In Berks County, students are eligible up to age 16 ½ years of age.

  • Case assignment and the planning process begins immediately upon referral. Priority is given to elementary age youth.

  • The services are provided will accommodate the family’s needs and can occur during evening and weekends, as needed.

  • ASAP will go where we are needed to reach a child’s academic goals. Services will be provided at the locations and settings most convenient for all involved – students, families, school staff, and others.

  • Schools as well as other community agencies become a partner in achievement of goals and progress is shared between members regularly.

Program Highlights

  1. Specialists will work in collaboration with schools, community agencies and families to create goals to increase school success. Examples of goals include, but are not limited to, assisting in obtaining Individualized Education Plan evaluations, assistance with housing, McKinney-Vento, medical assistance, mental health treatment.

  2. A meeting will be scheduled with relevant school personnel to discuss concerns and create a plan for success.

  3. Attendance is collected and discussed during each visit to determine whether a goal needs to be adjusted.

  4. Communication with referring school/agency is critical to the success of youth. Updates are routinely provided to the identified school staff through the preferred method of communication (email or phone).

  5. We recognize that not all students will be successful in traditional education settings. Therefore, we work with all involved parties to explore potential alternatives to traditional school setting if appropriate. This may include vocational programs.

  6. Program staff can work in collaboration with school districts to assist in reviewing protocols specific to school attendance and student success.


  • 88% of students who participated in the program improved attendance after 3 months in services in 2023-2024

  • 95% of students who participated in the program improved attendance after 6 months in services in 2023-2024

  • 66% of students increased their sense of value and belonging to school in 2023-2024

  • 74% of parents increased their sense of involvement, perception, monitoring and communication with school in 2023-2024


  • Parent - “My Specialist not only helped my children to attend school daily but increase their grades to straight A’s. She supported me as a single mother and gave me the strength to make positive changes for my family. The children were very sad when services ended because we view her as a member of the family”.

  • Parent – “I just wanted to call and say how grateful we are to have had our Specialist and how wonderful of a person that she is and to recognize her and we will miss her in our lives.  My daughter very much loved talking with her and she is just a great person and I wanted to leave the review for her because she will be missed.”

  • Parent – “The SAM ASAP Program is excellent to work with. Their staff are friendly, consistent, reliable, and very supportive. Over the years, my family has worked with many programs; this one is very involved with not only the parents, but with the student! Thank you SAM for all that you have done for my family”

  • School Personnel - You have an amazing team at ASAP! They were engaging, friendly, and patient with the dad we met with. The school nurse was in the meeting, and she had great things to say and it was informative for her.”

  • Educator – “I have worked with ASAP for the past three years. They provide quick and proactive communication and have done a wonderful job supporting our students and families through identifying barriers to attendance and assisting with creating solutions and connecting to local resources when needed.”

Referrals to the Advancing School Attendance Program

Referrals to the Advancing School Attendance Program may be made by school districts, community agencies and Magisterial District Judges by completing the Electronic School Attendance Improvement Plan (ESAIP). Parents may also request assistance from the program by either emailing or calling the telephone number listed above. If you have questions regarding the referral process and the ESAIP, please contact the Advancing School Attendance Program at the email address or telephone number listed above. If you want to access the ESAIP and the directions to complete the ESAIP, please refer to the following:

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  • For the “Directions to Complete the ESAIP” document, click below:
    pdfESAIP Directions
  • For the ESAIP Referral Form, click below. Unfortunately, it can not be filled out electronically; you must print the form and fill it out by hand. To submit the form, either scan it in and email it to This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. or fax it to the Advancing School Attendance Program at (610) 396-0105.
    pdfESAIP Referral Form2.2 MB
  • Para el formulario de referencia de ESAIP, haga clic a continuación. Desafortunadamente, no se puede llenar electrónicamente; debe imprimir el formulario y llenarlo a mano. Para enviar el formulario, escanéelo y envíelo por correo electrónico a This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. o envíelo por fax al Programa de asistencia escolar avanzada al (610) 396-0105.
    pdfESAIP Referral Form en Espanol2.2 MB
  • For a version of the ESAIP that you may print, review and use as a handwritten, rough draft, click below:
    pdfForm Print