Founded in Service

SAM isn't some huge conglomerate that does a bit of Case Management or Supports Coordination on the side.  Human Services are what we do and we do them well.  SAM began as a tiny 15-person team of individuals dedicated to improving human services in Pennsylvania.  Now, more than 20 years later, that team has grown to nearly 600 individuals serving more than 14,000 Pennsylvania residents.

Known for Service

SAM's reputation within the human services field is stellar!  In a recent report, over 90% of our consumers - the individuals whom SAM helps on a daily basis - said that they are satisfied or very satisfied with our service.  County officials have offered testimonials validating the success that SAM has brought to their struggling human services.

Pride in Service

We have thousands of satisfied consumers whose lives are enriched thanks to the hard work of our staff.  We are proud of our employees.  Their dedication to the people they help each day are the main reason that SAM succeeds.

It is easy to be proud of our programs.  It is another case entirely to justify that pride with outside accreditation.  Our case management and crisis intervention services are reviewed and accredited by the Commission on Accreditation of Rehabilitation Facilities (CARF).  SAM goes far beyond the annual state licensing standards and conforms to rigorous international standards of best practices for our programming.

Future in Service

SAM has been expanding its service area since 1997 when we moved beyond the boundaries of Berks County in south central Pennsylvania to neighboring Schuylkill County. Since then, we are providing services to all 67 counties in Pennsylvania and 8 counties in New Jersey, with more than 35,000 consumers served.

We continually look for methods to improve human services.  Most recently, SAM completed an initiative to implement mobile case management more broadly throughout our organization.  Supporting our case managers while they are mobile and out helping individuals in the community has increased efficiency and improved services. 

Beyond high-quality human services, SAM can also provide support to counties in fiscal and administrative areas as well.  Please visit our Management Services page for more information.