The SAM Children and Youth Services Line provides services to any family open for General Protective Services (GPS) or Child Protective Services (CPS) and residing in the County we are contracted with to provide service. Our vision is the creation of better futures for children, families, and communities through the infusion of SAM Values. We recognize that families come in all shapes and sizes, all families have strengths, and families are the best place for children and youth to grow. We are currently providing services in Tioga and Pike Counties, and have begun our journey to expand our footprint across Pennsylvania.

SAM C&Y recognizes that each County is unique and has different strengths and areas for improvement. We are committed to learning each County’s story—to exploring their histories and their cultures in order to best identify and meet their needs. Many Counties have existing practices that are both effective and often innovative, and SAM looks forward to weaving these into their model of service so that we are always growing and improving. We will navigate Counties through assessments of their current states and the creation of a plan that will weave the SAM culture into theirs in as seamless a manner as possible.

SAM C&Y has a vast menu of services that we can replicate in Counties, in order to address identified service gaps. These include:

  • Children's Services
  • C&Y Specialized Services
  • Children and Youth Management
  • Children and Youth Fiscal Management
  • Children and Youth In-Home/Placement (Ongoing) Casework Services
  • Generic Screening
  • Training Specialists
  • Associate Caseworker Program (case aides)
  • Quality Assurance Record Reviews
  • Program Assessment
  • Family Finding
  • Independent Living
  • Family Group Decision Making [can include Crisis and Rapid Response (CRR) and Safety versus Risk (SVR)]
  • Visitation (both C&Y and private)
  • Student Transition and Recovery (STAR)
  • Truancy
  • Support Teach and Educate Parents (STEPs)
  • Intensive Case Management (ICM), Effective Safe Parenting (ESP), and Family Reunification (FR)
  • Adventure Challenge Experience (ACE)
  • Joint Planning Team (JPT)

We are currently providing C&Y and C&Y Specialized services to families in Tioga County, C&Y Services in Pike County, Bradford County and Lackawanna County, additionally, providing Truancy (Advancing School Attendance Program) in Berks County and Joint Planning Team services in York County. We strive to serve as navigators for the Counties we serve. For Commissioners and C&Y Directors, we will assess their current position, get to know them, and recommend the best course for them to follow for success. For our employees, we will help them lay out a course for their professional futures and assist them in establishing life/work balance. And, for our families, all of our individuals served should have a multi-disciplinary team—their “crew”, if you will, providing coordinated care management. We need to keep our eyes on the overarching issues of poverty and social isolation in the communities we serve and work with our families towards self-sufficiency and meaningful connections. Our primary responsibility is to be aware of our individuals and families served wants and needs at all times and to respond with possibilities and choices.

For more information on Children and Youth Services please email us at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.