In 2012, as the leadership of SAM continued its planning activities, it has created the following vision of the outcomes of its efforts in 2022.

samat25We are the premier human services company in the areas in which we operate; delivering quality care to all we serve. As an organization with tight community ties, we respect and build upon the culture of each geographic area and service program. Additionally, we build bridges to others within our communities, resulting in meaningful working partnerships. With a strong operational backbone and an impeccable reputation, payors seek us out to manage their human service delivery systems and provide needed services.

Since our consumers are our most important focus, we treat each individual with dignity and integrity. Relentlessly committed to results, we actively use outcomes to measure and evaluate our performance and impact future growth.

We are an excellent, effective, efficient and learning organization with a continuing commitment to quality and service improvement. This commitment is seen in our accreditations. Because we treat our staff with dignity, we are able to recruit and retain people who fit our organization. We have clearly defined the “SAM fit” and we identify and hire people who demonstrate it. When necessary, we coach new employees into it. Our support service providers understand the SAM fit as well and reflect it in their relationships with us.

We are as effectively and efficiently governed as we are managed. We have an effective board culture, reflecting the SAM fit, in which our board understands its role and responsibilities and fulfills them.

We have a core competency in program development as well as fiscal management. With a strong R&D function and capability, we proactively design programs and present them to clients. We are flexible and agile, creating hybrid programs to meet emerging needs. These programs provide human services across the entire age spectrum, from infants to seniors.

As a result of our strategic focus and hard work, we manage and provide human services in multiple states. While our funding streams are constantly changing, we remain aware of them and respond by creating new programs. Thus, we are financially secure. As important, we have built an infrastructure that ensures our ability to capture opportunities and fulfill our mission for future generations.