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Welcome! Service Access & Management, Inc., is a provider of human services and management services throughout Pennsylvania and New Jersey. Please choose a location below to learn more about our available services in each state.

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Consumer Testimonials


“I feel very thankful that there is a place you can go when you need that help. I’m grateful that I live in a city that has these benefits. If it wasn’t for SAM, I don’t know where I would be mentally and physically in life.”

Elmore was doing everything he could to provide a good life and stable home for his wife and six children when Service Access and Management stepped in to give him some assistance and introduce him to programs and services – both within SAM and across the state – that could help him and his family.

Elmore’s house was in danger of going into foreclosure several times until his case manager Dana let him know he was a candidate for medical disability and helped him apply for the service.

Elmore said SAM was there on a daily basis to assist with things like filling out paperwork and also provided therapy services when he was at his lowest moments.

“SAM has been a tremendous help. I’m thankful the opportunity is there,” Elmore said. “There’s never a time I can’t call Dana about something I’m going through. Dana goes above and beyond. I don’t know if she realizes how she’s helped me in my life. I’m able to do things now with my kids. Dana has kept me calm and focused in the darkest moments of my life.”

Elmore said SAM is all about helping people and he couldn’t be happier with the changes the organization has made in his life.

“I had no idea what working with SAM was going to be like, but this has been the answer to a lot of my prayers. Now I’m getting a chance to enjoy life with my family.”


“SAM made all the right steps and got me where I needed to be and got a new beginning for me.”

Daniel Cable was homeless for 11 months when Service Access and Management stepped in and helped him turn around his housing and employment prospects. SAM acted on Daniels’ behalf to contact landlords so he didn’t have to make the calls himself. They also worked with the Office of Vocational Rehabilitation (OVR) to help him find a job that was suitable for him and get the necessary schooling to further his education.

Daniel’s Blended Case Manager, Aaron Zettle, and the SAM staff were also there to offer therapy services and crisis intervention whenever it was needed. Daniel is grateful for the new opportunities SAM created in his life.

“Aaron is a blessing to me in my life. He goes beyond what I’ve experienced in the past. He’s there anytime to give me the tools to use in the real world. Having someone pro active in my life helped me be aware of the other agencies out there that can benefit my life. Once SAM was presented to me, it opened a new door for me in my life.”


“SAM knows what is out there for their clients and makes things much easier for caregivers.”

Mark and Matt Snyder have needed services all their lives and, for much of it, Service Access and Management has been there to provide assistance in coordinating the help they’ve needed.

Kristen Fisk, Mark and Matt’s niece, has been taking care of the twin brothers for the past five years. In fact, Kristen, her husband, and two young children moved into Mark and Matt’s home five years ago and have become a very tightly knit family.

“Mark and Matt are great to live with. They have an incredible sense of humor that makes us laugh all the time,” she said.

During her five years, and even before she took over, Kristen says she remembers all of the assistance her uncles have received from SAM’s supports coordinator.

“SAM has offered a plethora of services and information for them since they were 21 years old and even much longer. They helped us set up transportation to get them to work five days a week. They helped us find after-work activities for them. And they helped us obtain the necessary home repairs that were needed to accommodate their disabilities,” she said.

Kristen said some people who care for family members with disabilities may not be aware of everything that SAM can offer. “SAM knows what is out there for their clients and makes things much easier for caregivers. Pretty much, if Mark and Matt have any needs, our SAM coordinator is the go-to person.”


“I’m really grateful to SAM because they helped me a lot with my daughter. I just have to call Zarahis and she is always there for whatever I need.”

Wanda Perez always had a proactive approach to caring for her daughter, Zuleyka, who was born deaf and with physical disabilities. When she moved to Reading from Puerto Rico four years ago, she found a very proactive agency in Service Access and Management that could give her daughter the help she needed.

SAM and Zuleyka’s Supports Coordinator, Zarahis, immediately jumped in to help the Perez family.

“SAM put me on a waiting list right away and Zarahis worked really fast with Zuleyka. I knew to ask for help here so I was always asking for help and where I could find things for her,” Wanda said.

Zuleyka’s deafness made it difficult to find people that could work on her case, but Zarahis spent two to three months searching for a Sign Language teacher and finally found one. Zuleyka now receives 10 hours a week of Sign Language training in her home and joins her teacher out in the community to learn how to use sign language.

The agency helped the Perez family fill out paperwork for a Person/Family Directed Support Waiver through Berks County to provide funds for the services Zuleyka needs, including her Sign Language teacher. SAM also found a community resource and filled out a grant application to get her an iPad that she uses to communicate with her family and at her doctor appointments.


“Having someone from SAM to coordinate the services we needed was a great relief.”

SAM has been helping 19-year-old Patrick McCullough since his birth and has helped his family coordinate a variety of services for him as he has transitioned to different age levels and situations.

Patrick was born with several medical issues and SAM helped the McCulloughs to start an early intervention program with Easter Seals. His mother, Carol, said SAM was a valuable asset in helping the family explore all of the services that were available for Patrick throughout the area.

“We dealt with many medical issues with Patrick his first year of life and we had to make a plan of what we could do to give him a jump start,” she said. “It’s really confusing knowing what things are available to help you as a family of a person with disabilities.”

Patrick transitioned to more one-on-one services once he reached school age, but started up again with SAM a few years ago to begin the process of transitioning out of school and into the workforce when he turns 21. He currently participates in a program during the school day where consumers accompany a job coach to a job site and get a chance to explore the business atmosphere. Patrick has previously worked for three companies, including Reading Hospital, and has a job lined up for the fall to give him training he will need when he graduates school.

“The SAM Service Coordinators have been wonderful. They have been like extended family. We’ve invited them to events that Patrick participated in.”


“SAM was a blessing from God.”

John Metz was on the verge of becoming homeless nearly 10 years ago when SAM stepped in to help him.

He was referred to Service Access and Management via a personal care home he was staying at and they helped him obtain better housing.

Supports Coordinator Alicia Gambler helped John get emergency respite and group home placement through ReDCo, an organization that helps people experiencing life challenges. This partnership helped John connect with ReDCo Lifesharing Provider Ricardo Vazquez.

SAM helped John rebound from some personal struggles and he’s grateful to have Alicia’s help.

“Alicia always smiles. She’s always happy to see me when she comes to the house,” he said.

SAM also previously helped John obtain an apartment through Supportive Concepts, which provides public support to individuals with Mental Health/Intellectual Developmental Disability disabilities.


“I get a lot of help from SAM. My Supports Coordinator Alicia is very nice to me.”

Michael Gueiss has a job at a supermarket and lives in a group home through ReDCo, which creates homes for people with disabilities who have no other family to care for them. Service Access and Management has helped Michael with some of the support and services he needs to continue to live a productive life.

Supports Coordinator Alicia Gamber works with Michael to help with waiver monitoring. She also partnered with Goodwill to help Michael get his job and will step in to help if Michael has any problems or concerns while he’s working.

SAM also helped Michael gain Behavior Support Services through ReDCo.


“SAM helped me get a job. My Supports Coordinator helps me if I have a concern or a problem.”

Josh became involved with Service Access and Management shortly after the organization took over operations in Clarion County in 2009.

During his time with SAM, Josh expressed an interest in wanting to get a job. He’s had two different Supports Coordinators over the past six years who helped him obtain a job and maintain employment at two different agencies.

Josh has worked with Training Toward Self Reliance and Venango Training and Development Services and had a variety of transitional and pre-vocational jobs during his time working for the agencies.

Anytime he wanted to change a position, his SAM Supports Coordinator was there to help with the transition.

Josh said having a friendly Supports Coordinator who is there to assist him has been good for him.

“My Supports Coordinator Jordan is nice. She’s very helpful for me because she is very kind.”