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Service Access & Management, Inc.


Welcome! Service Access & Management, Inc., is a provider of human services and management services throughout Pennsylvania and New Jersey. Please choose a location below to learn more about our available services in each state.

Services in Pennsylvania

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Jean Snyder, Fulton County Human Services Administrator and Director of Child Services


“SAM brings a willingness to listen and be interested in actually hearing what people’s problems are. They care about their clients.”

Jean Snyder, Fulton County’s Human Services Administrator and Director of Child Services, has held the latter position for nearly 40 years. She’s seen enough to know that Service Access and Management made an instant impact when it took over services in Fulton County.

“We have a lot of kids who need mental health services in some way. I’ve just been delighted with the services that SAM has offered. They’re really great to work with,” she said.

Jean said it was great to work with a case manager who was very hands-on with the kids and really focused on getting to know them.

“Our case manager from SAM is so engaged with the kids. She’s amazing at our team meetings. She actually knows these kids. She’s very hands-on. She’s had great training. SAM’s expectations are higher than what we’ve had before. I like that.”