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Service Access & Management, Inc.


Welcome! Service Access & Management, Inc., is a provider of human services and management services throughout Pennsylvania and New Jersey. Please choose a location below to learn more about our available services in each state.

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Craig Newcomer, wife and children – Fulton County, PA


“I know in my heart when I send somebody to SAM they’re going to be taken care of. SAM empowers people to do the things that they need to do to succeed in life.”

Craig Newcomer, the director of both Candleheart Ministries and the local cold-weather drop-in shelter in Chambersburg, said Service Access and Management made an immediate impact in the county in helping individuals get back on their feet and remain independent.

Before SAM came to Fulton County, Craig said many of the individuals he dealt with that had mental problems would be placed in housing, but end up back in the shelter. But SAM started out with an instant success story.

“I reached out to them with one individual who was continuously failing and he succeeded with SAM. He got a job, he was placed in his own apartment and things started moving forward for him. Today, he’s doing well. If it wasn’t for SAM, he’d be back in my shelter.”

Craig has a personal connection with SAM. The organization helped his young son deal with his own mental issues and navigate kindergarten and pre-K. He said that SAM has provided mental health services for many people at the shelter and helped them turn their lives around by focusing on each individual person.

“Things can go awry without the assistance SAM offers. On their own, some people can’t handle the things that SAM handles. Other agencies just gave people the help they asked for, but SAM goes above and beyond what they ask for and identifies the needs of the client and takes care of those needs with the client. People won’t be enabled because SAM empowers them to do things for themselves.”