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Welcome! Service Access & Management, Inc., is a provider of human services and management services throughout Pennsylvania and New Jersey. Please choose a location below to learn more about our available services in each state.

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Karen Kenderdine, Luzerne/Schuylkill Workforce Investment Board Chairperson


“SAM is very hands-on. It’s been a blessing to us to have them. The Workforce Investment Board is very complex and SAM is very top-notch in understanding it, allocating the funds appropriately and ensuring our audits are kept clean every year.”

Karen A. Kenderdine, Luzerne Schuylkill Workforce Investment Board (L/S WIB) Board Chairperson, first encountered Service Access and Management when the state questioned the L/S WIB’s accounting practices and SAM stepped in to help organize their finances.

“There was a small window of time to respond to these questions the state had. SAM stepped in and got us an extension and answered very professionally every question the state had, which enabled the WIB to continue because we were in danger of having our funding cut,” she said.

SAM helped the L/S WIB adjust its accounting practices to avoid other questions from the state and help them get their financial practices in line and in compliance. As a result of SAM’s guidance and advice, the L/S WIB was able to meet or exceed its performance measurements for more than 18 straight quarters and be recognized as a high-performing WIB for the first time.

“I would recommend SAM to any company for assistance. They attend all of our monthly financial meetings, so they are right there for any questions. We have a SAM employee right in our WIB office every day to do daily accounting and cut our checks,” Karen said. “SAM also oversees our human resources and information technology. They have become an integral part of making sure we flow smoothly and professionally.”